Use Cases

There are two popular ways to use's API which boil down to delivery method. Most commonly, the result is a printed product, however many of our customers have seen success using the API in pure digital products. They are both covered below.

Digital Products

With the advent of the internet, most companies realized a newfound ability to communicate with their customers. They suddenly had extremely cheap access to customers via email, targeted ads, and CRM systems. However, all that ease quickly led to abuse and customers developed natural defenses to commercial digital assault. offers a mechanism to retain the power, reach, and affordability of digital communication that brings back the personality we gave up when we went digital. The smiley face :), emoji 🙂, and the more modern text message sticker, are all examples of people striving to insert personality into an inhuman medium. Give them the power to enhance communication with our API!

Below please find an infographic showing common integration patterns for digital products

Digital use-case infographic
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Printed Communication

Many of our customers already realize the value of handwritten communication with their top customers, yet have no way of reaching as many customers as they'd like. What is commonly needed is a solution for introducing handwriting into an existing production chain.

Below is an infographic showing how plugs into most industrial print processes.

Print use-case infographic
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