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Handwriting.io and Touchnote Partner to Personalize Postcards with "Handwritten" Messages

Leader in digital handwriting technology integrates its solution to address the desire for enhanced customization in digital greeting card notes

NEW YORK, NY - Feb 15, 2017 Handwriting.io, a leader in digital handwriting technology, announced today its partnership with Touchnote, the world's most popular postcard-sending service. Under the agreement, Handwiting.io's patented API is integrated with Touchnote's apps and website to provide its customers with an authentic digital handwriting solution, which enables individuals to personalize their notes in postcards and greeting cards.

The partnership advances the company's offerings by transforming postcards and greeting cards with "handwritten" messages to be distributed worldwide. With the international capacity of its postcard-sending service, there was a demand from Touchnote users to customize messages that accompany the photos.

"Exchanging postcards and greeting cards is a very personal form of communication. We understand how important it is for individuals to share their experiences and emotions accurately across those channels," says Eloise Bune, founder and CEO of Handwriting.io. "By partnering with Touchnote, we facilitate a solution for their customers by adding a personal touch to further enrich their customized messages."

With the addition of Handwriting.io's platform, the Touchnote user experience is enhanced with the offering of three distinct handwriting styles, which allows the sender to further personalize the postcard and greeting card messages that are exchanged.

"Touchnote's mission is to help everyone to share real, printed photos with loved ones -- surprises that brighten people's days and help keep loved ones close. Handwriting.io became a valuable partner to help us achieve that mission, making the experience of sending and receiving Touchnote cards ever more delightful," said Oded Ran, CEO of Touchnote. "The handwriting.io technology enables our customers to tailor their postcards and greeting cards and capture their special moments with a custom messaging style."

To learn more about Handwriting.io, please visit https://handwriting.io.

About Handwriting.io

Founded in 2011, Handwriting.io, offers a patented API that enables brands to easily incorporate the company's proprietary digital handwriting technology into existing mobile apps and websites to deliver personalized communications to customers in a scalable, affordable way. Handwriting.io equips brands with an innovative solution to best represent the identity of the company to enhance sales initiatives and more effectively communicate personal messages with customers and employees. The company is headquartered in New York. Connect with them @handwritingio and on LinkedIn. Learn more at handwriting.io.

About Touchnote

Touchnote allows people to send personalized postcards and greeting cards from their iPhone, iPad or Android, or from touchnote.com. Touchnote is based in London, and prints and posts its cards from the United Kingdom, United States, Australia and Germany, to any address worldwide. Founded in 2008, the company has sent over 5 million cards, and has received over 11,000 five star app ratings. See http://www.touchnote.com for more information.

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