Our Interview Process

We strongly believe that technical hiring is broken. While there are myriad ways to address that problem, here's ours...

Phone Screen

We begin with a brief (30-45 minute) technical phone screen. This phone screen requires the candidate to have access to a computer with internet access. We conduct our interviews via a tool called CoderPad. You do not need an account to use this tool as a candidate. These phone screens are very high-level, and help show proficiency with the language of your choice on a problem that should take no more than about 15 minutes to solve.

In-Person Interview

After a successful phone screen, candidates are invited to our office to meet their potential team. Rather than sit the candidate down with various members of the team for 1-on-1 tech-trivia sessions, we meet with the candidate to discuss the details of the paid take home assignment. We find that this more accurately simulates the experience of working together. Discussing what's to be built, what tools will be used, operational details, etc... is just closer to the actual job of building software on a team.

Paid Take Home Assignment

As the most important part of the interview process, the candidate will complete a take-home assignment to demonstrate their job skills. The candidate will be paid $500USD for the completion of this work, regardless of the hiring outcome. We respect the candidate's time, and recognize the effort that goes into completing this assignment.

What is built for this assignment is not as important as how it is built. We are more than happy to provide inspiration for project ideas. The assignment only has 4 hard requirements:

  1. It must use the Handwriting.io API to render handwriting.
  2. All code must be available in a public github repository.
  3. It must run during the review. No broken, almost done, or "it works on my machine" projects will be accepted.
  4. It must impress us.

You can spend as much time as you like on your assignment, but we recommend spending between 3 and 6 hours.

Review Take Home Assignment

The second most important part of this interview process is reviewing your assignment with the team. The skills being sought will vary depending on the role being interviewed. Each skill is then ranked either as pass/fail (0-1) or on a scale of (0-3). Here is an example review score card for a front-end developer position...

Skill to Demonstrate

The wise candidate will realize that their assignment would be improved if it demonstrated competence in the areas listed above.

Present Written Offer Letter

After taking time to deliberate, if all goes well, a formal offer will be presented. This offer outlines the proposed job title, compensation, and start date. It also describes many of our employment benefits including...

Set a Start Date and Go Shopping

Once the offer is accepted, a start date is agreed upon. The hired candidate will then present preferences for the following (to be purchased for them before their start date)...

Software engineering is one of the only fields where people tend to have nicer tools at home than they do at work. We think this is a cruel joke. If we're going to ask for someone's best work, we're going to set them up for success, and that means only the best equipment.