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Customer Story - UrbanStems


The gifting industry is known for revenue spikes around major holidays. UrbanStems originally hand-wrote every gift message prior to delivery. Major holidays posed a significant challenge to this practice, and an automated solution was sought to enable larger scale.


Solutions to the scalability problem involve either hiring more people to write notes, or another sub-par option such as script fonts. UrbanStems had three major concerns:

  • Workflow: The solution could not negatively impact the existing workflow of fulfillment personnel.
  • Card Quality: The solution should add consistency and reduce errors on the cards without sacrificing tactile or visual quality.
  • Scale: Growth should not be limited by the selection of paper, printers or technology.

UrbanStems integrated Handwriting.io's API with their e-commerce backend to allow fulfillment personnel to see a digital preview of the customer's gift message, prior to printing. Now the packing slip, invoice, and gift message are printed at the same time, reducing complexity and keeping the quality high.


UrbanStems was also able to scale their production over 100x by switching to Handwriting.io's API, allowing their staff in the fulfillment centers to ship product versus write cards.