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Customer Story - Hallmark


Hallmark's goal was to increase their membership base and drive repeat use of their eCards products.


The Hallmark eCard team originally built the app with traditional fonts as the only option. Their main differentiator being their licensed content. Customers could now send cards featuring their favorite Disney characters (among others), but were limited to very basic text customization options.

Hallmark was quick to realize that adding handwriting to their cards was important to their mission, and enhanced the personalization experience for both their customers and their customers' loved ones.


After adding 39 of Handwriting.io's custom handwriting styles, Hallmark staged a limited release to 20,000 of their most loyal subscribers. The measure for success was set at 10% of the subscribers using the new handwriting. Hallmark was happy to report over 50% usage during a busy holiday. Handwriting.io is now released to all of Hallmark's eCards subscribers in both iOS and Desktop editions.