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Customer Story - Douglas Elliman


The nature of the real estate business makes repeat customers a luxury rather than the norm. Building a reliable outbound strategy is critical to success, and in a noisy marketplace, personalization is the only way to win.


Having thousands of agents who may become users of the handwriting tool, Douglas Elliman began a three stage integration with Handwriting.io to best educate and empower their top agents.

  • Education: Teaching realtors about the ROI of handwritten communication in their marketing materials.
  • Pilot: Deploy the new handwriting tool to their top 100 realtors across the country.
  • Rollout: Full rollout of the handwriting tool to all agents using a handwriting of their choice.


Douglas Elliman saw an overall increase in new sellers contacting realtors to sell their homes. Importantly, they compared responses received via email campaigns and Handwriting.io consistently outperformed.