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Customer Story - Bloomingdale's


Bloomingdale's objective was to enhance their high-touch communications at scale with personalized handwritten notes.


Bloomingdale's was already sending handwritten notes to the top 10% of their customers before being introduced to Handwriting.io. The process of connecting with their most valuable customers was labor and cost intensive. Handwriting.io powered communication with these customers in a affordable, effective, and scalable way—all without sacrificing the personality that made the program a success in the first place.


Bloomingdale’s rolled out Handwriting.io to their store managers across the country. Within a few months, each store manager was sending handwritten notes to their customers on a regular basis to drive ROI and engagement.

Over a three year period, Bloomingdale's has quadrupled its volume of messages to their Loyallist customers, achieving both higher revenue and an increase in repeat visits because of the handwritten notes they received using Handwriting.io.