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Customer Story - 1-800-Flowers


Giving flowers has always been met with the same dilemma: order online and get a typed note, or go to florist and get an illegible note. 1-800 Flowers, the largest floral retailer in the U.S., was looking for a way to improve this process. They desired a new way to send notes that was not only scalable and cost effective, but one that also created a beautiful end product. Handwriting.io was able to streamline the service and add a human touch.


Originally, the checkout service included the ability to add a brief message, but the font’s were limited, and the system was not modern. Handwriting.io was able to keep the same mentality of adding personal notes, while evolving the service to be much more individualized and current. With an easy to use interface and great sample size of handwritings, 1-800 Flowers was able to reignite interest within the simplicity of sending a short message to millions.


After integrating handwritings into 1-800 Flowers, customers excitedly took advantage of the new options for unique message creation. These notes boosted the use of the service, and it no longer was an afterthought for most customers. Thanks to the success, Handwriting.io is now available for use on Cheryl’s, Popcorn Factory, Wolferman’s, and Harry and David as well.