About Us

At Handwriting.io it’s our passion to bring authentic digital handwriting to your business communications. As consumers and business leaders we know the value of a handwritten note and how good it feels to receive one. We’ve transformed that personal touch to our digital world.

Handwriting.io is a patented API that enables the use of authentic digital handwriting across print and digital media in a scalable and affordable way. We help businesses increase sales, enhance brand identity and communicate more effectively with customers, employees, and the media. By putting customers back at the center of communications, we help businesses like Bloomingdale's use personal messages to achieve 10x engagement response rates.

Leadership Principles

Every member of the team is helping drive us toward success. We foster an environment where everyone's contribution matters.

Putting Customers First

Customer are, and should be, the center of every business. They are why we come to work. At Handwriting.io, everything we do is to help our customers improve and grow their relationships with their own customers.


Transparency is key to fostering a culture of trust. We keep our employees in the loop so that they can understand their role in helping achieve the company's goals. We want to ensure that each employee has the power and knowledge to control their career with us.

Value Our Employees

Launching a startup can be risky. We're braving the odds. Our team is taking a chance and they're helping our dream to reality. Gratitude isn't enough. We believe in creating a stimulating and rewarding environment that makes the risk worth it for them. The reward will come, but in the meantime, we take every opportunity to show the team how important they are.